Quarkis Multilingual Marketing

How It Works

Multilingual Marketing and Foreign Language SEO

The Quarkis multilingual web marketing solution is a white-hat, search engine friendly method of driving targeted and highly relevant foreign language speakers from around the globe to your web site.

Quarkis Multilingual Marketing

Choose Foreign Languages

Select from a list of 66 supported languages to indicate which foreign languages you want to target in order to grow your business. Later on, you can easily add or remove languages as needed.

Quarkis Multilingual Marketing

Localized Foreign Language Landing Pages

Our SEM specialists and translators will collaborate to create a one page fully localized summary of your web site in each of the foreign languages you target, complete with relevant links pointing to your English language web site.

Quarkis Multilingual Marketing

Drive Traffic To Your Landing Pages Using SMM

Our team of social media marketing professionals will create original content that serves to inform language-specific search engines about your web business while driving relevant organic traffic to your foreign language landing pages.

Social Media Marketing with International SEM

We create, translate and host foreign language landing pages that summarize the products and services your web business has to offer. Our Social Media Marketing team creates organic inbound links to each of your localized foreign language landing pages through independent language-specific social media channels.

Quarkis Multilingual Marketing

Language-specific search engines pick up on these links and index your landing pages, creating another organic traffic stream. Each landing page receives and transfers highly targeted and relevant organic inbound traffic to your English language web site. Increased traffic and inbound links will also boost the rank order and organic traffic to your English language web site.

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