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Norwegian Language Search Engine Optimization

You don't need to speak Norwegian to do business with Norwegian speakers. It's simply a matter of attracting them to your website and introducing them to your business to them in Norwegian. If they like what your business has to offer, they will gladly carry on and transact with you in English, the world's defacto business language.

Attract Norwegian speakers to your website

In order to gain the attention of the Norwegian speaking population and draw them into your website, you need to be listed on Norwegian language search engines. In order to be listed on Norwegian Search Engines, you need to have at least one page of your website localized into Norwegian language, an overview of your products and services.

Introduce your website in Norwegian

A one page summary of your product and services communicated in Norwegian language will serve two purposes. First, it will get your website listed on Norwegian language search engines so that it can be found. And second, it will serve to initially communicate your business offerings to the Norwegian speaking population in their native language.

Reach the Norwegian speaking population

The Norwegian language is spoken by more than 22 million people and serves as an official language of the European Union. The diverse geographic presence that Norwegian has had throughout history is still apparent today, as the language remains significant in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, and a number of former Norwegian colonies.

Market your website in Norwegian

Our Norwegian language SEO specialist is eager to work with you and marketing your website in Norwegian. With expertise in both contextual translation, international marketing and native Norwegian fluency, our specialist can make sure your business is properly represented in Norwegian.

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