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Is your website's HTML code valid? Enter your website address or a specific web page URL into this form to check its validity.
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How do I know if my website is valid HTML?

If you get a green bar saying "Successfully Checked", then it means that the URL page you entered is valid HTML. Congratulations.

HTML Validation Compliance

Valid HTML Website

If however, you get a red bar saying "Errors Found", then it means that the URL page you entered is NOT valid HTML. It will tell you how many errors it found, and highlight where those errors are located within the document.

HTML Validation Compliance

Invalid HTML Website

Do I need to validate my HTML?

Validating your HTML allows you to see how your HTML and XML web page document types complies against the Web Standards published by the World Wide Web Consortium, also known as W3C.

Since different browsers interpret and display various aspects of a given HTML page in slightly different ways, validating your markup is important to ensure uniformity across multiple browsers and operating systems.

More importantly, all other things being equal, search engines will give higher priority and rank order to websites that are validated versus those that are not.

Does a validated website help in SEO?

Absolutely yes. It's one of the least known or discussed SEO technique.

Quarkis HTML validation services?

Quarkis has a team of validation professionals. who have done a lot of work in this area and can validate your pages for you, perhaps quicker and more cost efficiently than if you do it internally.

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