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Yahoo recently joined Google and Ask.com in supporting the Sitemap 0.90 Protocol, an XML format page that lists our all of the content for a given website. This standard is meant for webmasters to use as a way to communicate more effectively with Yahoo in terms of exactly how their website is structured and why type of content is contained within the various pages.

Quarkis's team of professionals will create a Yahoo sitemap for your website, thus allowing Yahoo to more easily read and interpret your website. This will in effect, help boost your rank order and bring your website higher up in Yahoo's search engine results page for relevant search queries.

What is a Yahoo sitemap?

A Yahoo Site Map is an XML file that allows the Yahoo search robot to more easily and readily read and understand the pages of your website.

The sitemap is a way of organizing your website, identifying the URLs and data contained in each section. Where as previously, sitemaps were designed with the visitor in mind, allowing them to quickly and easily navigate through your website. Now a days, sitemaps are designed for search engines to do the exact same thing. As you can imagine, it's more important for search engines to be able to read how to navigate through your site than the average visitor.

Do I need a Yahoo sitemap file?

If Yahoo has spent the time explaining what this file is and why you need one, then the answer is yes... you need one. But don't take our word for it, read what Yahoo has to say about Sitemap files.

The Yahoo Site Map file has proven to be so valuable in fact, that other search engines such as Ask.com an Google.com have also adopted the sitemap standard. Here is the latest sitemap protocol.

Yahoo sitemap file examples

We actually create 2 files for you, an HTML version of our sitemap for visitors of your website to use to navigate through your website. Here is an example of this sitemap file we will generate for you:

Quarkis Company Website Sitemap HTML File

We will also create the ROR file format that Yahoo's robots read in order to make sense of your website. Here is an example of the ROR XML sitemap file that we will create for your website:

Quarkis Company Website Sitemap ROR XML File

We will provide both of these files to you for your website when you order our Yahoo Site Map File Creation services.

How do I create a Yahoo sitemap?

The Yahoo Site Map protocol 0.90 XML is not difficult to understand if your are a web programmer or familiar with RSS or the XML file formats. For an in-depth understanding of the sitemap protocol, view the 0.90 Sitemap protocol.

To view how the Yahoo Site Map will appear if we create one for you, you can view our Yahoo Site Map file in HTML format, and also the XML Yahoo Site Map file. We will create both of these files for your website, and they will appear and function very much like they do with the Quarkis.com website.

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